I am an entrepreneur, a mother and a complex carbohydrate always on the lookout to find my purpose.

(c) Gemma Correll

(c) Gemma Correll

I enjoy working on ideas that can unleash human potential.

I love thought experiments.

I experiment with innovations that have worked in the business world at home with my family and vice versa. If I had to pick one book that changed my life - its How Will You Measure Your Life by Clayton Christensen.

My Blog

<aside> 💡 "The process of collecting ideas, talking about them, and turning them into writing will teach you more about yourself than any rational planning process ever could"

I write so I can think clearly about my past, present and future.
I also write for fun, occasionally.


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Little pieces of daily thoughts

Daily Dispatch

My Art

<aside> 🎨 I'm attempting to make art out of mundane stuff in my life. I'm obsessed about frameworks, mind maps and data from my daily life. That is how I define my art. Inspired by the ladies who started the Dear, Data project.


Method in Madness

My Travels

Jaipur Trip 2023

California Trip 2023

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